create a healthier eco-friendly living space

Vorwerk RE/COVER Green

Creating a healthy living environment using eco-friendly materials is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners. Vorwerk produces carpets in an ecologically sound way without using harmful substances. This results in improved indoor air quality because they are free from pollutants and don’t produce volatile organic compounds which easily evaporate at room temperature.

RE/COVER Green carpets comes in 30 styles combining multi-faceted colours, textures and designs inspired by nature and the digital world. Available in 2m wide lengths as well as tiles it enables the creation of aesthetically sophisticated floorcoverings.

RE/COVER Green carpet is made from 90% renewable raw materials which are organic polyols, extracted from castor or rapeseed oil using renewable energy. Odour-free, low on emissions and recyclable, it is environmentally-friendly.

Benefits of RE/COVER Green

• Suitable for people with allergies – regularly tested

• Not made from harmful substances

• Low dust

• Easy cleaning and low maintenance

• Highly resilient and durable

• Available in sheets and in tiles

• Odour-free

• Stain resistant

• Water resistant

• Fire retardant

• Eco-friendly


We fit carpets across South West London, including Richmond, Kew, Chiswick, Barnes